What we do

We develop and manage properties across a range of sectors. From new headquarters and office buildings to high-quality apartments and townhouses, we deliver both new and refurbished buildings that work for their occupiers, be they businesses, residents or visitors.

We collaborate with landowners and investors, helping them optimise their returns from development, enhancing value through active asset management, all while mitigating their exposure to risk.

We take a long-term approach and deliver the whole development process, from initial concepts through to project completion, with a focus on removing risk from the procurement process. We build direct occupier relationships and see leasing as one of the key value drivers for our partners and clients.

  • Planning


    Great places are the result of successful master planning.
    We believe that the start of any project is where the success of its future is established. We work intelligently on establishing the strategy to ensure the proposition is value accretive, deliverable, and above all contributes positively to its context.

    We strive to combine exceptional design with optimum value, by perfecting the planning process and delivering projects in a highly sustainable way.

  • Development


    At its core, successful development is fundamentally about understanding how buildings work and what people want them to do. It may sound simple, but to transform that into a great building requires expertise and experience.

    We specialise in the full spectrum of property development, from sourcing opportunities, through to planning, construction and leasing. At all stages the risk reward matrix is constantly assessed. With our experience in assessing cost, we know how even the smallest change will affect returns and that fine tuning can make all the difference.

  • Funding


    We take a thorough and insightful approach to securing funding for our developments.

    With our comprehensive understanding of the process, and in particular our grasp of the development risk reward matrix, we have worked with a number of partners over the last decade to identify and secure funds for a range of complex schemes. By taking the time to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ motivations, we can tailor funding structures and sources to suit their exact needs.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Our work does not end when construction is complete. We explore creative ways to maximise value through intelligent asset management. We understand that a perfectly planned and executed transition from completed development to investment asset is vital to unlocking a successful future.

    We also employ this skillset on projects where income is retained during a refurbishment or development programme and enjoy exploring innovative ways to maximise project value through this process.

  • Leasing


    The people who choose our properties to be their homes or workplaces define our success. Our projects are far more than just bricks and mortar: they are places where people will choose to live, work and interact.

    For this reason, we focus on how we can deliver a product, service and experience that exceeds their expectations, whether we are planning a 300,000 sq ft headquarters or building a 900 sq ft base for a start-up. We listen to what people want, so we can continue to create developments that excite occupiers, funders and partners.